Simple, memorable and impactful is the goal.

It can be a lengthy process from when you start to play with images and ideas for a new logo on paper to when you narrow it down to a few design options worth pursuing, in detail, electronically.

At Kre8it, we design logos that best identify the uniqueness of our clients. We base our kre8ivity around their ideals and values as a company, as well as their potential future customers. We understand that our clients each have their own particular niches, and it is up to us to properly understand their business in order to successfully market that business.

Stimulating the kre8ive process is done through brainstorming alongside a team. Team members can present their kre8ive ideas in an open forum which allows other designers to provide constructive criticism before committing to any one idea or design.

Once we’ve committed to the design, the next step is to identify the best colour scheme, typeface and/or icon. Occasionally this is the stage where we find a unanimous winner!

Once we’ve determined the best samples, we then present them to the client in the form of a brand identity package. This usually includes samples of brochures, business cards, website layouts, letterheads, and any other marketing materials which may include the logo down the road.

If you’re a business looking for a new brand identity, or a refresh of your current design, my advice to you would be to maintain a good line of communication with the design team and ensure that you’re expressing your company’s style, ideals and overall goals for the brand. This is key during the process of developing a new identity for your company in order to maximize efficiency.

Keep in mind that your design team may take your expressions and run with them, producing something unique that you would have never imagined yourself. Their kre8ivity should shine through your aspirations for the brand…because that is when the magic happens.

Be patient and enjoy the process. In my eyes, the best and most-rewarding projects are the ones where the client was involved as much as the team in the decision-making process and finalizing of the designs.