After being in the marketing industry for 5 years, I was inspired to kre8 a place where kre8ive and technical minds could work together to solve the challenges of modern business. Kre8it Design Studio was born October 2014 in a garage in Stoney Creek. A large part of the company’s growth thus far has been due to our understanding of marketing, advertising, economics, finance, computer programming and everchanging software technologies.

Initially, Kre8it was meant to be a marketing firm that dealt primarily with design and branding. However, throughout the course of our growth, we’ve learned that we have more to offer. Since we first started, we’ve added services such as voice, email and SMS broadcasting systems to provide more for our clients as their needs expand. Secondly, we’ve expanded in our IT development through building applications, touch screen systems, and working with third-party media providers, expanding our reach through advertising. These are all things we’ve added to ensure our clients are getting the best exposure we can provide.

To us, it’s very important not only that we provide our clients with the services and processes we have put in place, but that we ourselves use those same procedures during our own development and branding. This ideology will give our clients more confidence in our process:

“There’s nothing we would do for our clients that we will not do for ourselves”.

The past three years have seen rebrands for more than just our clients – they have seen rebrands for our firm as well.


Our brand concept started colourful, budding with excitement about its inception. While working through the preliminary designs, I reminded myself of the importance of having a versatile logo. Fluorescent colours were in style then and I liked the combination of pink, blue and the complementary dark grey. Multiple colours are eye-catching, but could they be conveyed efficiently in all marketing materials? Would the brand become outdated quicker with too many colours trying to achieve a look at the same time? Could I kre8 visually-appealing company design elements with these colours? Would I ever get tired of these colours?

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. So, I pursued my favourite “8” graphic alongside an all-black version of the logo.

The “Etch-A-Sketch” look to was inspired by the early stages in the design process when ideas are simply doodled on the page in a search for inspiration. This graphic style carried our brand as we grew from a company with two clients to a company learning from a variety of different clients in very different industries.

From real estate developers to restaurants, unions to medical cannibas companies, urban planners to lawyers, recycling companies to orthotic providers, and even self-storage companies, we have progressed to become a company who understands and services dissimilar clients for their distinct marketing and I.T. needs.

With the bits of extra time laying around in the past year, we discussed the potential of kre8ing a new brand identity for ourselves – one that would better exhibit our increasingly modern design abilities. The industry changed in that time frame. Simplistic and modern became “in”. We wanted to look at our designs and make sure they’re in line with what is appealing in the space right now.

Consolas, the monospaced typeface displaying our refreshed brand, brings a simpler, cleaner look to the logo while adding a dimension of colour – a fresh mint green. Pastels, lowercase typeface and flat font were three of the newly trendy elements that people are looking at and recognizing.

The logo inspired a website redesign led by our Creative Director, Dan. At, you can experience the entire new brand for yourself and view samples of work we have done for our clients.

Let your introduction to the lifespan of Kre8it thus far be a lesson – embrace change! In a dynamic world, there is no problem with altering our brand identities. Staying fresh and differentiated from competition is valuable in the marketplace.